Welcome, Earth Labs (and Noah’s Lemon & Lime)

Surprise on the Pineville Square yesterday: another of the Chamber’s business ribbon cuttings was graced with some very tasty homemade lemon- and lime-aid, served by business owner Noah Zumwalt, age 6. His lemonade stand sat next to Dallas and Kirby’s Earth Labs Nutrition, an on-the-square enterprise owned by them. Noah is their son. They were the ribbon cutting recipients, but Bob Evenson noticed the industrious young Noah and suggested another ribbon cutting, this one for Noah.

That happened, complete with red ribbon and huge scissors. Noah is now considered an honorary Chamber member and can expect, when the time is right, a future visit from the Chamber Ambassadors to discuss benefits (and fees).

Proud Mom and Dad think of their son as the best ever big brother. Also, he is full of questions, mechanically minded, and loves anything in nature. Noah is very creative, likes to be busy, and likes to be in control. Sounds like the makings of a person becoming equipped for the world of commerce, don’t you think?

D. Wayne Bearbower
Chamber Ambassador
McDonald County Chamber of Commerce