"With the help of many, you can achieve great things."

The Chamber of Commerce is built on amazing principles and has a board of directors that are known leaders of the community.  As it’s the desire of the Chamber of Commerce to actively assist the County in Economic Development, Tourism Attraction and Better Living for our residents; 

The chamber was in search of a sustainable growth plan. 
The Student Chamber will be located at 929 B S Business Hwy 71, Anderson, MO 64831!

Each Monday through Friday, the Student Chamber will be working from 1:45pm to 3:10 pm at their office!

If you would like to visit us during this time, the doors will be open to the community.  The students will be able to assist with Business Development Services and will work toward a direct connection between themselves and the businesses in the community. 

If you believe in this concept and would like to see these students thrive, we would welcome your donation.  The funds will be used to fuel our growth and to be able give back to the community.  

Complete Transparency will always be in place as to what the funds are being used for and your contributions are tax deductible under the Student Chamber’s 501c(3) status. 

The beginning steps were Tourism Growth & Becoming a Work Ready Community.  Building value into our memberships was another desire of the Chamber.  This began with a tourism centered web presence and has grown to include the development of our Student Chamber.

To launch in Fall of 2018, the Student Chamber’s objectives are to become the necessary addition to our team to keep us growing.  They will be assisting with membership generation, office & clerical assistance and fund raising.  We are looking forward to partnering with our youth to keep us advancing in many other areas as well.

The student chamber will operate under the Chamber of Commerce with funding coming from contributions as well as percentages of new memberships sold by the Student Chamber.  If you would like to make a donation to help fund our Student Chamber, we welcome your assistance.

Help us grow the Student Chamber, make a contribution today!

Send a check to:
McDonald County Chamber of Commerce
c/o Student Chamber
PO Box 593
Pineville, MO 64856

The space for the Student Chamber is being donated by Eric Corcoran from Alpha Company Gym.  Thanks Eric, for helping us get started this year!  

The day to day management of the Student Chamber will be conducted by Charla Brewer (Founder), with Blu3 Management Group.  Always focused on Community, the Student Chamber was her vision in effort of seeing McDonald County Thrive!