Rosa’s Mexican Supermarket

ROSA’S MEXICAN SUPERMARKET IN NOEL    In the late 1990s, Jesus and Esmeralda Hernandez came to Noel, MO from Mexico. Working at Tyson’s, Esmeralda clocked in at 4:00 AM. Jesus worked other shifts so that one of the two was always free to grow their up-and-coming business. Of course there were children, and Jesus, Jr. recently remembered growing up at Rosa’s: “I was in the store all the time.” Literally spending most of their spare minutes and hours in an 800 sq. ft. space, the sons came to know Rosa’s as their second home. Both would one day join the business. The business name, Rosa’s, came from Esmeralda’s grandmother who was there from the beginning. She served prepared Mexican food, and then expanded to groceries for at-home preparation. Finally the Hernandez enterprise occupied the entire 2500 sq.ft. building. Today, after 20 years in that location that took on five different floods, a brand new 10,000 sq. ft. structure that is out of reach from damaging flood waters is open to the public. Some business owners simply do not know the words, “I quit.”

     Rosa’s carries a complete inventory of Mexican food for retail sales. They seek to be known for their special cut meats and bulk food discounts. Specially cut fresh meats are in demand by Mexican shoppers, and are not found at conventional supermarkets. Butchers are on hand for the even more custom needs. If you’re looking to buy in quantity, the discounts will surely capture your attention. A huge selection of fresh produce is also a delight for shoppers. And then, of course is the vast selection of dry packaged, and sealed jar Mexican cooking ingredients. In addition, Jesus, Sr., is about to offer ready-to-eat pick-up food to be sold in a location on the supermarket’s parking lot.

     This Mexican food establishment loves their regular, loyal shoppers, and knows how to earn their continuing support. As new Chamber members, Rosa’s also looks forward to expand to draw more customers from outside Noel. They want the word out, and use their Facebook, and our Chamber website and Facebook, to display their foods with text and photos. It’s fun for them to read encouraging customer words about a supermarket with excellent products and equally outstanding customer service. The family looks forward to sending Jose to a monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting to tell other businesses about their Mexican Supermarket.

     With no direct experience in local government, the family nonetheless has been very active in helping with a plan to restore the soccer field near their store. They and others would also like to develop a public park around the field. Tyson’s has come forward to say their financial support is ready. Hats off to an outstanding commercial enterprise and family! Zoom out to Noel and see for yourself. It’s right here in our own McDonald County, Missouri.