Membership Renewals

You are a valued Member!

Take a look at how we are working to build value into your membership:

The Chamber of Commerce is working hard to develop the value of your Membership.  To date we have achieved the redesign of our Website and update to our Management Processes.  What this means to you?  You will now be hearing more from us.  With 2 monthly newsletters, we’ll keep you in the know of as much as we can.  

We are currently working on some of the following projects;

  • Becoming more active with our members with regular monthly meetings
  • Developing partnership relationships with some of our members to be able to provide the best business services we can
  • Marketing our great county to tourists, promoting the Great Spirit of McDonald County to all we can reach!
This is not all!  We have many more plans in the works to become a better Chamber of Commerce.  
With your help, we know we can make that happen.  

Please take a look at our Benefits of Membership Page to see how we’ve developed your opportunities as a Chamber Member. 

One of the more exciting things that we’ve done is form a Student Chamber! 
To begin in Fall of 2018, the Student Chamber will  be responsible for some of the day to day operations of the Chamber of Commerce, including but not limited to selling memberships, performing office and clerical duties, fundraising and event support.  We are very excited about the Student Chamber and hope that it sparks your interest too.  


As a current member, ready for renewal, we want to make sure we are here for you.  Please reach out if you have any questions at all.

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