Hiring is Difficult; Retain Valuable Employees

With an improving economy and low unemployment in the state, many employers are finding it  increasingly difficult to hire enough qualified workers.  And, no one wants to lose the trained staff they do have because of a temporary downturn in business. 


Whether your business is contemplating a layoff because of budget cuts, fluctuating customer orders, late arriving parts or even a flood or tornado, the Missouri Shared Work program can be beneficial when business slows.


It’s not a job sharing program, but instead  is an alternative to a layoff that allows an employer to divide the work that is available among a group of employees.  By sharing the available work, eligible employees work a reduced schedule while receiving  partial unemployment through the Shared Work program.  Retaining skilled employees during the slow period allows your business to ramp back up more quickly when work returns.  That’s less time and money spent on recruiting, hiring and training new employees.  Working a reduced schedule, your valued employees are better able to retain their skill sets as well as  customer and institutional knowledge.


Missouri’s 30-year-old Shared Work program is tried and true.  According to a recent survey of Missouri Shared Work employers, over 98% would use the program again, if needed, and over 98% also said they would recommend the program to other employers.  The program is for any type of business, public or private, large or small.


Interested in learning more about Shared Work?  See the attached article and brochure, visit our website at www.sharedwork.mo.gov or give me a call.  We wish that businesses never had to use the program, but we know all too well that layoffs do occur for expected and unexpected reasons.  Help us spread the word that there is an alternative to layoffs here in Missouri!


I’d also be glad to speak to any local business group that might benefit from knowing about the program.



Dee Rose

Public Information Coordinator

Missouri Department of Labor

Division of Employment Security



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