Cooper Gear & Manufacturing

Cooper Gear and Manufacturing  specializes in gears, splines broaching as well as precision CNC turning, milling and drilling.

About Us

Cooper Gear and Manufacturing specializes in precision machining. Our machining capabilities include CNC turning, CNC milling and drilling, gear teeth hobbing and shaping, broaching , welding and general machining. 

Cooper Gear and Manufacturing has been in business since 1994 and has continued to experience growth.  

Meet The Team

Jim Cooper - President

Jim Cooper President- Prior to starting Cooper Gear and Manufacturing our President Jim Cooper was in charge of the aircraft gear manufacturing division of Teledyne Inc.

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CNC TURNING                                                                             New
Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 200M                                               2005
Mazak Quick Turn 250 HP                                                         2001
Mazak Quick Turn 20 HP                                                           2000
Mazak Quick Turn 20 HP                                                           1999
Mazak Quick Turn 15                                                                 1985

CNC MILLING AND DRILLINGMazak VTC 20                           2001
Mazak VTC 16B                                                                           1990
Mazak VTC 16B                                                                           1990
Mazak VTC 16B                                                                           1990

SAWHem H90 A Horizontal                                                       2004
DoAll Horizontal                                                                          1970

GEAR CUTTINGBarbar Colman 14-15                                       1960
Barbar Colman 14-15                                                                  1957
Barbar Colman  10-20                                                                 1970
Barbar Colman 16-16                                                                  1960
Fellows Gear Shaper 4AGS                                                        1970
Fellows Gear Shaper 7A                                                             1950
Fellows Gear Shaper 7A                                                             1950
Oil Gear Broach Horizontal                                                        1955
Colonial Broach Horizontal

Hardinge Bar Feed Lathe                                                             1976
Bridgeport Milling Machine                                                         1975
Excello Milling Machine                                                               1980
Burr King Vibratory Debur Machine                                            2000
Norton OD Grinder                                                                        1965
Various, Drill Press, Belt Sanders, and Grinders          

COOPER GEAR & MFG Inspection Equipment

GEAR INSPECTION EQUIPMENTFellows 12M involute machine     1970
Fellows lead machine                                                                          1975

Stur Bench Centers

RSK Bench Centers

Starrett Webber gage blocks, various gages,
Surface plates

Mitutoyo surface tester

J & L Optical Comparator

Colonial Broach Horizontal

Inspection Equipment and procedures conform to
MIL-I-45208A and MIL-C-45662