Commerce Column 5/23/19

SHOP IN MCDONALD COUNTY? ME? This week, after searching all over the county for
businesses never before visited, as well as well-known ones, I want you to do the same.
In a week of 67 stops, Janice and I met people serving delicious prepared food – Italian,
Mexican, Southern style, Islander, and Asian … all in McDonald County. Also for sale were
groceries and dry goods, haircuts and styling, furniture, and top notch overnight lodging along
the Elk River. A father-and-son custom-cut meat shop, a convenience store with very
competitive gas prices, and a wholesale international puppy supplier are in business too.
Grandmother does all the cooking at a small eatery where you order from a wall-sized menu
made up of bright fluorescent colored sheets. Pick and choose, and then watch as the senior
of this family business puts your order together as you wait. How can I forget that this
McDonald County of ours is so flush with great businesses that cover most all the bases …
often with a unique and personal touch? We at the Chamber are getter better informed face-
to-face in order to be able to reacquaint you with a growing and prospering collection of
places to shop. You may want a hearty breakfast, a special event, a movie, or perhaps a side of
beef for your annual family cookout. And please don’t even consider going elsewhere for a
quality set of tires with service that includes short wait times and local owners who care. Dial
up and sit back for some unbelievable browsing that yields facts
galore. We now have over 170 county-based member-businesses to take care of your every
shopping need. And when you sign on, you’ll enjoy continual access to an interactive space in
our directory so you can post photos, days and hours of store operation, and the goods and
services you sell. As a new member, you can also claim at no extra charge, a ribbon cutting to
celebrate who you are, where you are, and what you sell. We’re ready to go with gorgeous red
ribbon and a huge scissors that actually does cut that ribbon on “your day.” Please invite as
many people as you wish, and we invite the town mayor, other business leaders, and our
county newspaper that does photos and interviews. As an example, coming up soon, we’re
doing one for a recent new member Hispanic grocery store that’s moving to a brand new
building where floor space triples that of their previous 20-year-long location. There’s lots
more to share, but for now I can report that the two of us finally hung up our hats at the end
of the week to once again exclaim, “McDonald County, Missouri! What a fantastic place in
which to Visit Work, and Live!”
D.Wayne Bearbower, Ambassador
McDonald County Chamber of Commerce