What’s the Buzz’ about Commerce Coffee?

Well, some of it could be the caffeine but we like to think the buzz’ is more about the benefit(s) that come along with “Commerce Coffee”. 

In September of 2018, we started Commerce Coffee to open the Chamber’s Doors (we literally open the doors), to the community and invite them in for some casual conversation about our County.  

Our goal is to bring open dialogue to the table about how we can be of service to this great county.  With many ‘missions to accomplish’ we are working on them all with a newfound energy and feeling of excitement.  One of the ways we intend to help businesses is through our Coffee Sponsorships.  

Each week, a business can sponsor the coffee for $25.  This sponsorship includes a spotlight post via the Chamber’s Facebook page as well as the opportunity to display goods and services at the Chamber Office during the week of sponsorship.  

The Chamber Ambassadors will make sure that we have some tasty treats to go along with coffee & all leftovers will go to the community to enhance our ability to outreach!  Who doesn’t like someone dropping off brownies or muffins to make an introduction?!

Interested in Sponsoring Commerce Coffee?

We’re interested in helping you!

The purpose of the sponsorship is to promote the businesses who sponsor us any way that we can.  Each of you are unique.  When you sponsor, we’ll work together to maximize your exposure within the community.  

If you sign up online you’ll be contacted via email as soon as we receive the notice.  From there we’ll schedule your week of sponsorship and begin planning together how to make it work for you! 

Contact us anytime.