If you just so happened to take a drive through Pineville this Saturday morning, you may have seen what would look chaos spread all over the grassy area of Pineville Mini Storage, but don’t fear, all that chaos made for a day of hard work and organization for the Student Chamber.  

The Chamber of Commerce has been in possession of a storage facility for quite a while now, but needed a little help to get it functioning and worthwhile, as a service project, the Student Chamber gladly took on the challenge. This was especially exciting because some unfamiliar members of the team had the opportunity to work together.

The Chamber of Commerce is in charge of various events in McDonald County, in order for these events to be run properly, though,  they must have a large range of supplies. Tables and chairs, 6000 maps of McDonald County, Mardi Gras decorations, carnival games, and spiders were just a few of the Chamber’s items of interest in the facility.

In order for all of this to be organized in a productive way, it had to be emptied of everything, this was the first big challenge of the day. Shortly after, the realization that shelves were a necessity came into play, which ensured a trip to Lowe’s and stop for McDonald’s sweet tea.


Putting everything back into the unit turned out to be a long, hard puzzle, but eventually left plenty of breathing room for many more years of event items to come.

It was sunny, 80 degrees, sweaty, dirty, heavy, fun, and one hundred percent worth it to get the results we were hoping for (and for the pizza at the end).