Claim Your Listing


The Video has no sound but offers a step by step example of the process you’ll go through to claim your listing. 


The Chamber’s new website comes complete with a manageable business listing for you!
There are a few steps to take to get set fully set up.  Here goes;


Step 1) Fill out the form on the Claim My Listing page.

You will be creating a unique username and profile at this point.

One has not been previously assigned to you.


Step 2) Wait for a follow up email stating that your listing has been approved.

The Chamber Admins will have to verify that you have a current membership.

You will receive an email that notifies you when this has been done.


Step 3) Go to the Member Login Page and begin filling out your profile.

This is the stage where you’ll have the ability to add/edit your specific business information.


Want some extra help? Watch the video to walk through the steps of claiming a listing.

Claim Your Listing After this, you’re all set!

Log in anytime to make changes.  You are now ready to make use of the other tools that are included such as the event listings and the job listing pages.  Publish as much information as you would like!


Keep in touch with any questions you may have by email:


The Chamber of Commerce will begin holding training seminars to teach these processes.  If you are interested in this as an option, email us and let us know. We’ll schedule time with you as quickly as we can.  Thank you for being one of our valued members.  Your membership is valuable to us.

~ Your McDonald County Chamber of Commerce


Let’s get started!

Fill out the form below to take the first step toward claiming your listing.  If you need any assistance, just reach out by email to

* = Required

Please enter your business name and press tab to select your business from the list. (Your business needs to be already registered with our chamber.)

When Typing in your business name, you should see a window that populates, like this.   You should hit ‘tab’ to exit the form field at this point in order for the system to populate your business for you.