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Truly-Local is not just a company, it is a national movement. A movement that reverses and shifts the tide of community and local resident spending in such a way that keeps and create more local dollars. Truly-Local accomplishes this by providing the community the necessary education, tools and training to assist in keeping dollars usually spent digitally or out of town back to their local communities. We provide the community with the roadmap allowing the community, local media and local businesses to work together.

Truly-Local operates like a ‘B Corp.’ where ALL decisions are made with not just revenue in mind, but equally important, their social responsibility. Our social mission is to create a truly-local community wide mindset, stronger businesses and a more vibrant local media. Equal weight MUST be given to both! All those involved with Truly-Local have this mindset as well.

For communities, businesses and local media to survive, they must establish a Truly-Local mindset or DNA. The weekly column, “Building Main Street, not Wall Street” is a small start in instilling this DNA. We created Truly-Local as a tool to assist local communities, businesses and local media in establishing methods that build synergies between the three strengthening all foundations. The synergies created through this synergistic process enhance both economic and revenue opportunities for all three. A win-win initiative for all.

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Pineville, MO

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